Zinc Zn-zyme Forte 100 tablets


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Zn-zyme forte is a food based zinc supplmentation that is highly absorbable. Zinc is an important nutrient that is part of many enzymes. Many practitioners recommend zinc as a support nutrient for prostate problems, low sperm count and skin disorders such as acne. People who consume more than moderate amounts of alcohol can develop zinc deficiency since zinc is used by the liver to detoxify alcohol. Zinc is also important pancreas health and insulin production.

Other important functions of zinc are: growth, protein metabolism, sperm formation, sexual development, visual and hearing function, taste sensation, immune function in preventing infection, part of antioxidant systems, and strengthens the immune system to fight viruses.

Loss of sense of taste may be an indication of zinc deficiency according to some studies.

25 mgs of highly absorbable zinc

1 a day or as recommended by a health practitioner

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